iPad in the Spanish class

I recently got an iPad.  I am very excited about it.

I decided to get the iPad after a lesson with a private student.  We were talking about her trip to Oaxaca to participate of the Day of the Dead celebrations.  She brought her iPad and during our conversation I was playing with it. I found some pictures of Day of the Dead celebrations for her to describe. Also I quickly found a presentation (in Spanish) of all the symbols of an “altar”.  I got hooked.

That evening I went to Best Buy. Now, I originally went there to buy a power adaptor for my iPod deck that I was going to use the following day.  But I went buy the iPad table and a few minutes later I was leaving the store with my own iPad in my hands and a huge smile.

I downloaded lots of apps but I am still deciding which one I will keep or which ones I will delete. If you have any suggestion of good apps please let me know.

The following weekend I started to use my iPad in class. The best basic use was of a “flashcard”.  No more carrying around sets of flashcards for different themes. Now I just create albums with picture from my computer. I am also able to manipulate those picture to add more information. For example I have two albums for animals: one with labels and the other without. I’ve been doing some dictations and memory games in my classes. Children respond well and are generally excited.

I am looking forward to find other use for the iPad in my Spanish classes. I welcome your suggestions and ideas.


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    Hi there..
    I am also a Spanish teacher getting ready to integrate the iPad2 in my classes this fall….I would love to keep a dialogue going with you…have you used the app “Hello, Hello?”
    hoping to keep in touch with you….Sally (Cambridge Friends School in Cambridge, MA)


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